Donation Policy

From our beginning, we have felt a responsibility to give joyfully back to the community we live and conduct our business in.

To that end, we have enjoyed participating in local festivals with our ice cream cart, donating ice cream or gift cards to nonprofit organizations in Interlaken, Seneca County, Ithaca, Tompkins County & occasionally our surrounding Finger Lakes community, sponsoring local youth sports teams, hosting Dine & Donate events and in past years, participating in Relay for Life. For many years we have held Free Ice Cream Day on Daylight Savings, offering a free kiddie scoop to all to give thanks for customers’ patronage & celebrate the return of spring & another ice cream season.

In recent years, we have received an overwhelming number of requests for donation per year, each for a truly worthy & inspiring cause.  For a small business, the decision of which to donate to can be difficult as we would love to give to all.  To better manage these requests, we have implemented an online form here for you to fill out and submit for consideration for a donation.  Please note, it is our intention to donate to local nonprofits and initiatives & we will donate to any particular organization only once per year.  We have a donation budget and when its limit is reached, we are unable to grant requests except in unusual circumstances.